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3 Ways SMEs Can Better Manage Documents, Workflows and Printing Costs

Posted by Glenn Gibson

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March 6, 2015 at 11:00 AM

CM415SmartSeriesThere are many challenges that SMEs face. It may be a competitive landscape, changing market conditions or finding the right talent.  To return a profit and grow the business means a close eye on the numbers. Cost of goods and the sale price are the obvious numbers. What can often blow out profit margins are “other” costs that can be difficult to quantify and measure. It can be difficult and time consuming to understand where to attribute the cost of running the office, and where or how to improve efficiencies.

Advances in technology are impacting everything from the way we answer the phone to sending a memo and networking. It wasn’t that long ago that written communication was printed as either a memo or letter. Today people tend to email or use social media for communication.  Your office today may be printing a lot fewer memos or letters than it was 10 years ago. But did you know there’s so many other ‘practical’ uses for printing technology that can improve your office efficiency and reduce costs?

Most business owners and office managers aren’t aware of what is available and that is why I’m excited to announce that our latest range of multifunction printers, the Smart Series. This new range is what we call, solutions-capable printers. They bring sophisticated document management features that are usually associated with larger, more expensive multi function devices in a small convenient, and affordable, desktop design. Perfect for SMEs.

Here are 3 ways you can benefit from our latest range the “Smart Series”:

1. Capture, Monitor and Control

The use of a pin or password allows you to capture, track and report print and copy costs per user.   Once these costs are identified, self-regulation by staff tends to automatically reduce print and copy volumes


2. Tap and Go

Also known as pull printing, the new Smart series devices support the capability for users to collect their documents at any Smart Series device via their pin. There’s also an optional card reader which means users can effectively “Tap and Go” with their security swipe card. Saving time because users don’t need to rummage through output trays looking for their documents. Users can also collect their print job at another device if their local device is busy or out of toner, with the ability to choose to retrieve only the print jobs that they need. At the end of the day any un-retrieved print jobs are deleted to save paper and toner.

3. Smart@work 

Repeated processes can be set up as a job flow only requiring a one or two button press. For example a job flow sheet can be set up so a scanned document can be emailed to several different people, an image can be OCR’d^  (optical character recognition, which means the document can be converted into a searchable pdf) and stored to the designated folder on the network for later retrieval, and two hard copies printed for other purposes, all in a couple of button presses. This improves staff productivity, and virtually eliminates the risk of human error.

Learn more about our Smart Series here.

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