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4 Must-Have Small Business Office Solutions To Buy Before EOFY

Posted by Glenn Gibson

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May 26, 2016 at 7:00 AM


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been offering advice designed to help your business tackle tax time. We’ve discussed practical tips to help you pay less tax, and explained the Federal Government’s $20,000 Asset Write-Off scheme, which incentivises the purchase of new office equipment by making them a tax deduction.

Now with only 35 days of the financial year remaining, most businesses will be getting those financial records in order and chasing up outstanding invoices.

It’s usually a frantic time for small business as they wind up the financial year. But there is a range of office solutions available for SMEs that can take some of the leg work out of tax-time, ease pressure on your staff and make it easier to keep it business as usual in the lead up to June 30. 

1. Manage Your Financial Paperwork With The DocuMate 3220

Anyone who runs a business or oversees its finances knows that managing quarterly BAS statements and financial records are an ongoing challenge. Trawling through financial information, accurately recording expenses and meeting your tax obligations is constant headache. Meanwhile that pile of receipts, bills and invoices you’ve been meaning to organise and file can quickly become insurmountable.

The Fuji Xerox DocuMate 3220is an all encompassing scanning solution that makes organising your financial paperwork easier than ever before. 

It’s capable of scanning multiple page sizes and document types, so you’ll always be able to scan and retrieve your important financial information at the click of a button. 

Find out more about the DocuMate 3220 here.

Download the eBook on Scanner DocuMate 3220


2. Digitise Archive Boxes Of Important Documents Into Searchable PDFs with the DocuMate 4799

Invoices, bill, receipts, HR documents, personnel files, contracts… the volume off essential files is seemingly endless.

In the past the accepted solution has been to archive key documents in the basement of the office or an off-site storage facility. Digitising them becomes a labour intensive project for staff who could be deployed doing things that drive the business forward.

But the DocuMate 4799 allows those documents to be digitised instantly, and retrieved with the click of a button. Its nine presets allow users to save almost any type of file formats. It is fully compatible with an office network, meaning users can send the scanned documents to any folder on the network.

And better yet, Document Manager Magazine, Europe’s leading trade publication on imaging technology, awarded the DocuMate 4799 the 2015 Product of the Year.

Find out more about this award-winning scanning solution here.

 Learn to run a more efficient and profitable organisation by digitising your documents and processes.


3. Protect Your Financial Documents With Server-less On-demand Printing

Multifunction devices are not just a printers and scanners anymore, they can be a hub for sensitive documents and information, and their network connections can potentially provide access routes for hackers to other computers on the network. 

Australian companies are the second–most likely in the world to experience a malicious or criminal data breach, with an average of 34,249 records compromised during a breach. If sensitive information is leaked during a data breach, your organisation could risk damaging its reputation and losing valuable business.

To prevent confidential financial documents from falling into the wrong hands after printing, Fuji Xerox multifunction devices also offer the option of Server-less On-Demand printing. Documents are sent from a user’s desktop computer, Android or iOS mobile device to a virtual printer queue, which is able to release the print job to any multifunction device on your workplace network. The documents then require authentication at the device via login details, ID card or PIN. 

For devices that do not have an integrated print–release solution, users can print using the ’Secure Print’ option. This function requires users to set a password on their file when printing, which is then used to release the document at the device.

Find out more about the Fuji Xerox Server-less On-demand printing technology here.

 Smart at work business solutions by Fuji Xerox Printers


4. Get Paid Faster With Colour Printing

Bills and invoices are among the most printed and mailed documents in the world - and with the end of financial year looming, now is the time they need to be up-to-date. What if a dash of colour meant people paid their bills on time? Research suggests that 43% of people are more likely to pay a bill on time if the due date is highlighted in colour. Of those, 31% of people are more likely to pay the full amount due if it's highlighted in colour. How much is on-time bill payments worth to your company? Probably much more than the miniscule cost of adding a splash of colour to your bills and invoices.

Find out more about the ColorQube 8880 here.

 Download the guide to Solid Ink Colour Printing








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