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5 Benefits To Understanding Office Printing Habits Of Your Staff

Posted by Glenn Gibson

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October 22, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Picture this: Paul in HR is going to a concert tonight, and needs to print the tickets for himself and his buddies. Meanwhile, Jane from Finance wants to get those adorable holiday pictures framed. Sam from Sales is heading interstate this weekend, and needs those flight and hotel booking confirmations, pronto. What’s the typical solution? Send the job to the closest office printer.

It’s a familiar scenario in every office. And let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of it, at some stage. But if you apply that seemingly harmless scenario to every employee in your company, it presents a significant drain on your printing costs.

Printing costs account for 4% of revenue for most Australian small and medium businesses. It’s a significant investment, but two in three SME employers are unaware of how much their business spends on printing. In reality, for a company turning over $800,000 annually, the printing bill may be as high as $32,000.

Making sure you’re getting true value for every dollar you spend on printing can have a drastic impact on your bottom line. And while we’re not suggesting that you should become a Scrooge with your employees’ printing habits, there are some simple steps you can put in place to ensure your printing resources aren’t being wasted on unnecessary or unproductive jobs.

A robust and well communicated printing policy, regular printing reports and enabling the Tap ‘n Go technology will offer insight into printing volume, who is printing, and how much they are printing.

This kind of information lets you tackle printing costs in a practical and pragmatic way.

Five key benefits of this approach include:

  1. Right printer, right time

    Determine if the right printers are being used. For example, you may find the sales team is using the colour printer for contracts and confirmation emails, rather than just proposals and presentations. Unnecessary colour printing can be a significant cost to the business and your printer provider can usually provide a solution to address it.

  2. Boost efficiency

    Reduce the time staff waste on the printer. If their nearest device is busy or out of action, documents can automatically be sent to another printer for collection. Time is money and these small efficiency gains add up.

  3. Eliminate paper and toner waste

    Fuji Xerox’s Tap ‘n’ Go technology enables you to hold the print jobs at the device, to only be released and printed when the user is at the device.

  4. Accountability

    Shrink office overheads by making it easier to charge print jobs back to clients or departments.

  5. Cut personal and unnecessary printing

    Employees will automatically begin to self-regulate their behaviour when they know they’re being monitored. This means they’ll likely stop printing multiple copies of the same document or using company resources for printing concert tickets, recipes or family photos.

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