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5 Ways SMEs Will Benefit From Serverless OnDemand Printing

Posted by Anthony Toope

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January 7, 2016 at 10:00 AM

5_Ways_SMEs_Will_Benefit_From_Serverless_OnDemand_PrintingThe New Year has arrived and along with it comes a fresh sense of enthusiasm and purpose in the workplace. If your list of New Year’s resolutions includes improving your business systems, a new technology you might like to consider is Serverless On Demand Printing (SODP).

The Fuji Xerox SMART Series comes SODP enabled, giving businesses access to cutting-edge technology that makes their printing more efficient, secure and cost-effective.


What Is Serverless On Demand Printing?

SODP allows a staff member to print from their computer to five Fuji Xerox devices where their job is held, ready for release. That staff member is then able to use a PIN or ID Card to collect their print job from any of those five devices at a time that’s convenient for them.

Here are 5 ways SMEs will Benefit From SODP

1. Increased Productivity

The most immediate benefit is around productivity. Research suggests that 37% of SME staff lose up to two hours per week on printing related issues. This includes serving and printing queues. That adds up to 100 hours each year, per staff member. However, SODP makes a print job available at up-to five different devices. If the nearest printer is occupied, the staff member can simply go to another and release their job, It eliminates the hassle of waiting for their original printer to become available, or re-printing their work.

2. Reduced Wastage

Typically, when a staff member encounters delays in printing their work, they will often re-print, or send the job to another printer. This behaviour increases the amount of consumables used exponentially, with no nett return to the business. SODP eliminates this by making the same print job available at five devices, ready for collection. Furthermore, the days of uncollected print jobs accumulating at the bottom of the print tray are gone. Using SODP, any uncollected print jobs sitting on the network are simply deleted — no more throwing wasted paper into the recycling bin. It’s better for the environment, and your bottom line.

3. Better Security

Sensitive documents are no longer immediately printed, but are rather held and only released when the authorised staff member identifies themselves at the printer. With SODP there’s no risk of private or commercial documents being seen by unwanted eyes, or caught up in other print jobs.

4. Meet Mobile Demands Of Staff

SODP supports Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, meaning busy staff can print directly from their devices without having to log into their computers.

5. It All Adds Up

The Fuji Xerox Office Printing Habits Report found that printing costs can account for up to four per cent of revenue for 90 per cent of Australian small business. For a business turning over $800,000 per annum, that’s $32,000 a year. Small efficiencies can add up to big savings over the life of an SODP enabled printer.

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