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How Mobile Printing Works

Posted by Thomas Dickson July 23, 2015 at 2:00 PM

bigstock-Cloud-with-printing-Cloud-comp-52364701Is your small business one of the 58 per cent that can’t mobile print? If so, you may be missing opportunities to boost staff productivity and flexibility and deliver value to the bottom line.

We recently surveyed 1,500 small businesses and found that two in five employees would like mobile printing functionality, with more than a third identifying it as important to their role.

Most printers today feature mobile printing capability which can be easily configured. Mobile printing lets you print from any mobile device, such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop. A key benefit of mobile printing is that there is no need to install complex printer drivers or other software. Instead, users can install a simple app which connects the mobile device to the printer. The connection is usually via a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth connection, so it is only possible to print from a device when that device is connected to the network.

A guide to mobile printing apps

If you’re new the world of mobile printing, here are the three apps you need to know about.

1. AirPrint

AirPrint from Apple lets users print full quality photos and documents from their Apple devices and OS X apps. AirPrint is already built into most printer models, making it simple to use. It is intuitive and offers high quality finishing options.

2. Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print works on phones, tablets, Chromebooks, PCs and all other web-connected devices. It also works with all printers but Google recommends using a Cloud Ready printer and says it takes just seconds to connect a printer to a Google Cloud Print account and start printing.

Google Cloud Print also lets users share printers as easily as they can share documents. Sharing printers securely and managing printers and print jobs happens with a single click from the user’s Google account.

3. Dedicated print apps

Dedicated print apps are ideal for users who have purchased a particular printer and want the best results for that printer. Apps are usually free and offer functionality such as checking ink levels before printing, image scaling, de-noise technology and more.

Fuji Xerox printers use a dedicated mobile printing app, compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Watch this video to learn more about mobile printing for small business: 

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