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How The Fuji Xerox SMART Series Keeps McCarroll’s In The Fast Lane [CUSTOMER STORY]

Posted by Anthony Toope

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March 10, 2016 at 7:00 AM

5587_e_book_3D.pngThere are over two million SMEs in Australia, and Fuji Xerox Printers research shows that one in three consider printing issues a major office frustration. SMEs are continuously seeking ways to simplify operations, save time and minimise costs.

It was a problem faced by one of Australia’s leading car dealerships, McCarroll’s Automotive Group.

After opening its first dealership in Cooma in 1978, McCarroll’s has become one of the most recognised names in the industry. The business includes 10 dealerships across northern Sydney and Newcastle offering some of the world’s leading lifestyle and luxury car brands.

After almost 40 years in the industry, McCarroll’s is used to helping people find a car that will put them in the fast lane. But when it came to printing, the business was hitting a speed bump.

“We had reliability issues with our previous technology,” recalls IT Manager Chris Webb when discussing the business’ printing network. Reliability wasn’t the only obstacle, printing issues were also limiting the business and making it harder for staff to close sales.


Printing is still an enormous part of the car sales industry, with contracts and financial documents a fundamental part of every transaction. “If we can’t print contracts then we can’t make sales,” Chris says.


McCarroll’s turned to Fuji Xerox to help install a solution that would help streamline the McCarroll’s printing process, boost office productivity and make the lives of its staff easier.

Working closely with the McCarroll’s IT, Administrative and Sales teams, Fuji Xerox developed a detailed understanding of the McCarroll’s business model, workflow, and printing requirements. Using this information Fuji Xerox recommended and installed the DocuPrint M465AP from its SMART Series range.

The DocuPrint M465AP had an immediate impact. The new printing and scanning solution offered McCarroll’s unprecedented versatility in managing its printing, scanning and document management. More than being a printer, copier and scanner, the DocuPrint M465AP’s compatibility with Pentana Software allowed the devices to be set-up and configured using a universal driver, syncing printing operations across the business.

“We haven’t had a service call on it since it’s been in place,” Chris smiles. “All we’ve done is change the toner.”

“Everyone who uses it loves that it’s a one touch operation now.”

“Users aren’t having to redirect prints to somewhere else or having to wait to get a print if they need it. They’ve helped us keep the departments running the way we need them to.”

 Fuji Xerox Smart Series Helps McCarrolls 


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