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Is Your Printing Technology Old? It Might Be Costing More Than You Think

Posted by Glenn Gibson

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October 15, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Let’s be honest. How often do you think about your printing and document management? Maybe a little, maybe not at all. 

When was your last printer upgrade? Five years ago? Longer?

What if I told you that 37% of SME staff lose up to two hours per week on printing related issues. That adds up to 100 hours each year, per staff member. Multiply that across your business, and you’ve got an emerging problem that needs some attention. (I bet you’re thinking about your printing technology now.)

Lagging printing technology is one of the hidden costs hindering many organisations today. But it can be easily overcome with an investment in the right technology.

On-demand printing has arrived

Instead of staff printing to a specific printer they can now send their print job that is shared among a network of up to five devices. Their print job is not actually printed, but held at each of the 5 devices until the user is ready to collect their document.

When they’re ready they simply walk up to their closest device and type in their PIN. All of their personal print jobs are shown on the control panel, and they simply release the jobs they need. If their local device is busy or out of operation, they can simply go to their next available device and retrieve it from there.

By adding a card-reader option, instead of typing a PIN, staff can swipe their security card and collect their print jobs, effecting a Tap 'n' Go process for even easier access.

Affordable and effective

Up until recently, the cost of the software used to manage this process meant that only corporate or government organisations could enjoy the benefits that Tap ‘n’ Go brings to a busy workplace. But Fuji Xerox Printers have been able to deliver the same benefits for small business at a fraction of the cost.

Storing print jobs rather than automatically printing them provides your business four key benefits:

  1. It keeps staff productive and reduces frustration
  2. Confidential or sensitive documents are held until the user is at the device and ready to collect them
  3. Any documents that are not collected at the end of the day are automatically deleted, saving paper and toner
  4. It automatically provides you redundancy and business continuity

This new approach to printer management is revolutionary for SMEs. If one device is busy staff can simply move to the next available printer. Confidential documents remain that way, staff can be more productive, and your office becomes more efficient.

At the end of the day, uncollected prints are deleted which:

  • Saves paper
  • Cuts unnecessary toner costs
  • Protects confidential documents from prying eyes

This Tap 'n' Go feature is one of the many innovative options of the new Smart Series devices (the mono M465 AP and colour CM415 AP multi-function printers from Fuji Xerox Printers, each device requires the Server-less On-Demand Print option), a flexible platform that can be configured to meet your exact business needs.

Now available for SMEs

Fuji Xerox Printers has redesigned Tap 'n' Go technology to put all its benefits into the hands of small business. Tap 'n' Go printing is now available in the SMART Series range of multifunction devices. These devices are more than just printers; they deliver a complete business solution in a compact desktop design.

To learn more about how Tap 'n' Go printing can transform your business, call the Fuji Xerox Printers team on 1300 650 793 (AU) 0800 993 763 (NZ) or click here to register your interest and we’ll call you.

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