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Learn How Secure Printing Technology Is Helping SMEs Protect Their Data

Posted by Glenn Gibson

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February 18, 2016 at 8:00 AM

data_security.jpgIn today’s online environment, sensitive information and data are vulnerable to theft and loss, presenting a serious security liability to your business. At Fuji Xerox, our multifunction devices, Server-less On-Demand printing and cloud storage solutions use a range of security features to keep your organisation’s data safe.

Businesses Are At Risk

Multifunction devices are more than printers, copiers and scanners, they can be a hub for sensitive documents and information, and their network connections can potentially provide access routes for hackers to other computers on the network.

Australian companies are the second–most likely in the world to experience a malicious or criminal data breach, with an average of 34,249 records compromised during a breach. If sensitive information is leaked during a data breach, your organisation could risk damaging its reputation and losing valuable business.

Thankfully Fuji Xerox’s data protection measures are extensive, and designed to ensure security throughout the entire product lifecycle of a device.

Secure Data On Multifunction Devices

Documents printed in the workplace can often contain sensitive data such as financial, legal, health, or proprietary business information. Securing privileged data, stored on or printed by, a multifunction device is a priority for all organisations that deal with sensitive information.

Fuji Xerox’s multifunction devices contain a broad range of security features that have been tested by independent security organisations. Built–in functions such as disc encryption and image overwriting are designed to protect data that is stored on the device’s hard disk.

All data stored on our multifunction devices is encrypted to ensure your documents are protected from access by unauthorised users. The image overwrite feature completely ’overwrites’ all traces of any documents stored on the hard disk.

Server-less On-Demand Printing

To prevent confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands after printing, Fuji Xerox multifunction devices also offer the option of Server-less On-Demand printing. Documents are sent from a user’s desktop computer, Android or iOS mobile device to a virtual printer queue, which is able to release the print job to any multifunction device on your workplace network. The documents then require authentication at the device via login details, ID card or PIN– our industry leading facial recognition and user detection technology.

For devices that do not have an integrated print–release solution, users can print using the ’Secure Print’ option. This function requires users to set a password on their file when printing, which is then used to release the document at the device.

Secure Data With Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provides organisations with a range of new opportunities to collaborate and mobilise their business. It’s a cost–efficient, flexible way to store your organisation’s information that doesn’t require the expensive upkeep of onsite infrastructure. 

Our range of cloud storage solutions, including Working Folder, offer a high level of data security to protect your information from data breaches.

Fuji Xerox hosts cloud data in a data centre which has achieved the highest possible security ratings. Our data centre operations comply with international standards for IT service management and information security management. All data is encrypted using AES and transmitted over an SSL connection, minimising the risk of an unauthorised attack.

To learn how you can improve security for sensitive and private information, with the latest printing technology, download this guide.

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