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Smart Series Busines Solutions By Fuji Xerox Deliver Real Results For A Small Business Manufacturer  [CUSTOMER STORY]

Posted by Anthony Toope

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February 4, 2016 at 10:00 AM


One of the constant challenges of the SME sector is finding better ways to do business. Small efficiencies can have a huge impact on the productivity and financial capacity of your enterprise. 

By automating manual tasks, improving document security and embracing technology that supports office productivity, you can streamline your business and deliver benefits across the supply chain.

In this article we share how smarter printing and scanning solutions can deliver cost savings to your business, increase document security and achieve better office productivity.

But perhaps our claims are best demonstrated by personal experience.

The Davies Chocolates Story

When one of Australia’s leading boutique chocolatiers needed a new printing solution to cater for their specific packaging needs, they turned to Fuji Xerox Printers.

Davies Chocolates is one of Australia’s leading boutique and elegant chocolatiers. Yet despite their renown in the world of confectionary, Davies Chocolates faced a problem: their printing technology was out-dated and no longer fit-for-purpose.

It had reached the point where their inability to print high-resolution colour or labels suitable for small print run packaging was holding them back.

As Managing Director Noel Kowald explains, this put Davies Chocolates at a disadvantage.

“We’re not a high volume product producer, so that means that any packaging we have to buy for direct sale to consumers, or in some cases business customers, that reaches quantities of 3000 - 5000 is a large quantity for us. So being able to print small quantities in high quality resolution and colour is really important.”

"Being able to print small quantities in high quality resolution and colour is really important."

Davies Chocolates turned to Fuji Xerox to help deliver a printing solution that would allow them to print in high quality colour while controlling their print run numbers.

Working closely with the Davies Chocolates production and administrative teams, Fuji Xerox recommended and installed the DocuPrint CM415 AP from its SMART Series range.

The DocuPrint CM415 AP had an immediate impact. The new printing and scanning solution allowed Davies Chocolates to control their print run and produce high-quality and high-impact labels and signage in-house. It reduced costs while giving them the power to customise their labelling and printing quantities to suit their packaging needs.

“It’s made things a lot better,” Noel says. “We can print the quantity we want.”

“We’ve even been able to install at a couple of our customers’ stores a banner sheet which shows our decorated chocolates. And that’s a real advantage in the retail world for customers to see what’s inside the box.”

“Overall it’s improved the productivity of our office operations and given us the opportunity to expand the way we operate.”

Follow this link to find out more about the Davies Chocolates story

Being Smart@Work using the Fuji Xerox SMART Series

Smart@Work allows us to build a flexible solution for your business needs. Being Smart@Work is not just about having the latest technology. It’s about offering a complete business solution in a compact desktop design. 

The Fuji Xerox SMART series of multifunction devices (MFDs) offer powerful new technology that can improve the way you work, achieve new efficiencies and help take your business to the next level.

Smart at work business solutions by Fuji Xerox Printers



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