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Xerox Celebrates 75th Anniversary Of The First Xerographic Image

Posted by Anthony Toope November 8, 2013 at 1:30 AM

Printing is something we take for granted. We have an expectation that, at the press of a button, data will be transmitted to a device and printed quickly and cost effectively.

I doubt many have ever stopped to think about how printing and document management processes have developed over the years. In today’s busy world, it’s easy to shove history aside and focus on the here and now.

However, on hearing that Xerox has just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the first xerographic image, I did stop to consider just how far our industry has progressed.

It all started on 22 October 1938, when the world’s first xerographic image was created by Chester Carlson in a rented second story room in Queens, New York. The copy was a date and location, written in a bold hand on a glass slide: 10-22-38 Astoria. The copy might have been fuzzy, but it was still a copy.

Carlson originally called the process electrophotography. This humble invention would eventually lead to the formation of the Xerox Corporation and the birth of an industry. Even today, this xerographic process is still at the heart of most office printers and copiers around the world

While the technological developments have been incredible, it is fascinating to reflect on the passion, persuasion and perseverance of a few individuals in bringing their vision to life.

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