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How Printing Technology Has Impacted Australia Since The First Fleet

Posted by Michelle Rochford January 30, 2015 at 3:13 PM

Earlier this week Australian’s celebrated what it means to be Australian. Australia Day, 26th January, is the date the first fleet arrived fr

I find history fascinating, and I’m particularly interested in learning more about the history of printing technology, when it started and how it has evolved over years.om Portsmouth, England. You can learn more about the first fleet here.

I recently discovered that Australia’s very first printer, the hand press, also arrived on the first fleet. So as the English were deciding what was important for settlement once they arrived in Australia, the ability to print was a priority for them. How cool!

However, apparently, no one knew how to use the hand press printer. Maybe you’ve experienced that same thing with the printer in your home or office today? Some things don’t change with time. Without the internet or a users manual, one of the convicts by the name of George Hughes eventually taught himself how to use it.  You can learn more about this history of printing here. 

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