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Why SMEs Should Avoid E-Waste & Electronic Devices In General Waste

Posted by Michelle Rochford November 27, 2014 at 12:00 PM

The rapid pace of technological advances, mean that electronic devices quickly become obsolete. These obsolete, or broken electronic devices are commonly referred to as e-waste. E-waste includes appliances like fridges, microwaves and televisions, as well as printers, copiers, mobiles phones and computers.

What many people may not realise is that the correct disposal of e-waste is important because of the harmful chemicals that may be present and potential harm they can cause to our health. In fact, just under 30% of SMEs are not disposing of obsolete printers and copiers correctly. A recent study by Fuji Xerox Printers and CoreData looked at the office printing habits of 1000 SMEs, this study revealed that, *17.9% of SMEs are still disposing of obsolete printers and copiers through general waste, and *10.8% do not dispose of them at all.

The purpose of this article is to educate SMEs on the very real dangers of incorrectly disposing of e-waste, and to provide solutions on how to easily clean up and dispose of obsolete or broken electronic devices that are taking up valuable space in your office.


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Learn How To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Printing For Your Business

Posted by Michelle Rochford March 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM

We’ve all seen those old unused devices lying around the office at one time or another and thought, ‘I really should get rid of those’ and then the thought passes. Before you know it, another year has gone by and the devices are still sitting there or have just been moved out of sight. Unfortunately, it seems many Australian businesses fall prey to this and are failing to safely and efficiently dispose of old machines.

Fuji Xerox Printers recently surveyed 1000 Australian employers and employees about their office environments and work printers, and found that one in four Aussie businesses has idle devices in the office, and 23 per cent of those have more than three redundant devices. It didn’t come as a surprise that 26 per cent of business managers dispose of obsolete electronic equipment through general waste and nine per cent don’t dispose of it at all.

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Recycle Your Old Printers and Reduce e-Waste

Posted by Michelle Rochford November 22, 2013 at 1:53 AM


In today’s fast paced business world, the reality is that recycling is not always top of mind for business managers. It’s common for Australian offices to have several obsolete printers, copiers, fax machines and other devices lying around.

Take a look around your own office; do you have a collection of old devices that need to be recycled? According to the results of our latest Fuji Xerox Printers research, there’s a good chance you do. Of the 1,000 Australian office workers surveyed, 23 per cent have obsolete printers and devices in their offices and 28 per cent have more than three idle devices.

Considering the number of offices throughout the country, this could add up to a significant amount of waste. In fact, e-waste (a term which refers to electrical appliances, from fridges and microwaves to computers and printers) is growing three times faster than other types of waste in Australia, and not much of it is bio-degradable.

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TechCollect Sets New Guinness World Record For e-Waste Collection

Posted by Thomas Dickson July 5, 2013 at 12:36 AM


If you’re not already familiar with TechCollect, it’s a free e-waste recycling service for old printers, TVs, monitors, computers and other IT peripherals and accessories.

In April TechCollect ran a week-long campaign across Australia to encourage householders and business managers to recycle their e-waste.

During the campaign a massive 474 tonnes of old TVs, computers and printers was collected at TechCollect locations nationwide – that’s the equivalent of approximately four blue whales in weight! This sets a new Guinness World Record for the most consumer electronics ever collected for recycling in one week. You can read the official announcement from TechCollect here.

It’s really important that old, unused e-waste doesn't end up in general waste landfill. However, the reality is many Australians don’t realise that over 90 per cent of old TVs, printers and computers can be recycled and made into new items.

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