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What Is A Printing Solution and Why Do SMEs Need It?

Posted by Glenn Gibson

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May 7, 2015 at 10:00 AM

business_people_meeting_at_benchPrinting technology can transform the workflow and productivity of a small business, yet unfortunately, many SMEs underestimate their printer and are unaware of its full capability.

For many, a printer is still perceived as a simple photocopier that spits out a print or copy. However, the rise of integrated document management solutions has transformed this into a powerful and intuitive device that streamlines operations and relieves costs and productivity pressures. A device packaged up with integrated software solutions is known as a ‘printing solution’. 

What exactly is a printing solution and why do Australian businesses need it?

Put simply, a printing solution is a suite of additional tools, services or features that can be installed with your printer to turn complex processes into simple, streamlined workflows. These can ultimately transform the way your business operates and competes by giving you a cost and efficiency advantage.

Historically, the cost of these large copiers has been prohibitive to smaller businesses, limiting the benefits to only large enterprise and government. However, with the launch of the Fuji Xerox SMART Series, integrated solutions are now available in a desktop model. More businesses can now meet productivity and cost challenges head-on with a smaller, simpler and cost-effective device that delivers the same outcomes as a large copier. 

Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of a printing solution is Managed Print Service (MPS), where a package of hardware, software, services and support is tailored to suit the specific needs of a business.  Usually charged as a monthly fee for the entire bundle, your MPS agreement may include software to centrally monitor all your printers or manage the volume of printing. It effectively outsources this part of a business to a selected service provider and can reduce print and copy costs by up to 30 per cent. Learn more about Managed Printed Services here.

There are a range of print solutions available, which can be tailored to address your business’ pain points. These may include concerns around costs, cash flow, productivity, efficiency and quality. By working closely with your supplier to identify key operational challenges and outcomes, they can recommend a solution that adds significant value and delivers measurable improvement.

To learn more about how printing solutions can transform your small business in a competitive market, download the comprehensive guide to understanding, choosing and implementing print solutions.


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